Hospitals, Health Systems and Health Services

Declining reimbursement. New regulatory requirements. Unrest over rising health care costs. Scary and burdensome personal financial responsibility. Integrating technology and delivery models for coordinated care.

For hospitals, health systems, physicians and health services companies, it’s another day, another crisis, another issue or challenge to overcome. You don’t have time to stop or call time-out to refine your message and build your PR and communications strategy. ReviveHealth gets this.

We anticipate your challenges, and work with you to keep your message fluid, relevant, and true. We will help you leverage, create and maximize the value of every available opportunity.

In addition to our work for health services companies of all stripes, ReviveHealth has special expertise in managing “life events” for health systems and physician organizations. We design and implement strategic communication engagements for payor contracting issues, cost cutting and performance improvement initiatives, clinical integration, crisis management, labor issues, mergers and acquisitions, new service lines or business strategies, and litigation support.

Effective communication requires smart strategies, crisp messages, and flawless execution. In an environment where crisis is the new normal, ReviveHealth can turn difficult situations into new opportunities.

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Health Services and Crisis Communications Overview Health Services Overview