12 Years Running: The ReviveHealth Summit

Where do you go to hear about the latest trends in payor/provider relations? How do you learn about the latest in payor contracting, the different contract language each payor is demanding, and the issues to watch for in your own negotiations?

The Summit by ReviveHealth (2019 is our 12th year) is the only event that brings together more than 120 of the top experts in payor/provider relations to talk about what’s happening, what’s next, and how to thrive in the tougher-than-ever environment we’re navigating right now. Here’s what you will learn at the 2019 Summit in Charleston, SC:

  • What Optum is Doing, from the mouth of Sheryl Skolnick
  • The Latest in Payor/Provider Disputes, discussed by a panel of experts and provider executives
  • Big Discussion Topics on the Healthcare Legal Landscape, in breakout sessions led by King & Spalding and Bass, Berry, & Sims
  • New Payor Partners, with input from Clover, Oscar and Bright Health

...and many, many others. We have a special rate for first-time attendees — you'll save over $700. We believe in the event that much.

The truth is, there’s nothing quite like The Summit. The best food, the best wine, and the coolest experiences are all hallmarks of The Summit. Last year, The Summit in New Orleans included a Second Line parade. Seriously. That’s how we do it.

If you’re considering where to spend your travel dollars and your conference time in 2019, The Summit is the event. We provide unparalleled content, facilities, and food and wine — the best conference experience anywhere. I hope you will join us this year.

December 13, 2018
You can register for The Summit now.
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