2021 New Years Resolutions by Nate Kaufman

1. I will continue to verify any statements I make about the healthcare system by talking to physicians and operators with REAL-WORLD EXPERIENCE and not rely solely on statistical comparisons.

2. I will promote that there is a correlation between cost, quality, and access in today's healthcare system. Those who believe health systems should approach anything close to Medicare breakeven advocate for low quality and significant service reductions.

3. I will continue to promote the fact that whoever affiliates with the best doctors will win in the long run.

4. I will encourage my clients to avoid the attempt by payers and many industry desk jockeys (e.g., Rand Corp.) to commoditize healthcare delivery. The best doctors, services, and ultimately the best outcomes are not commodities; they come at a price.

5. I will not stand by and watch the payers, government, and the aforementioned academic knuckleheads destroy the hospital industry using the 'value con'- they already destroyed the rural hospital sector.

6. I will only consider a health system to be under quality leadership if market share grows and profits meet or exceed the industry benchmark. I won't accept 'mission' as an excuse.

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January 8, 2021
Nothing beats a good old-fashioned conversation.
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