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We have clearly become a nation of mobile phone junkies. Nine out of 10 of us own a smartphone, and more than half of us admit to checking our phone a few times an hour or even more.

img-mpulse-mobile-content-downloadThe healthcare industry has tapped into America’s love affair with mobile phones. In recent years, organizations have leveraged the power of text messages for simple, one-way communication like appointment reminders and prescription pick-up notifications. While one-way communication has been valuable, it is interesting to consider the benefits the industry can gain from engaging patients more deeply on their mobile phones and ultimately improving their health.

Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) recently conducted a study with a selection of new Medicaid members to asses the impact two-way text messages made on awareness of the plan’s offerings, appropriate resource utilization and ultimately self-activation. The study, conducted in partnership with ReviveHealth client mPulse Mobile, yielded impressive results.

  • 91 percent of members found that the text messages improved their overall knowledge of IEHP services
  • The number of members who reported they would visit the ER for a minor condition dropped from 11 percent to 4 percent
  • 10 percent of members participated in a series of health challenges with a 33 percent completion rate
  • The engagement score, based on response behavior and sentiment, for the study group was 2.5 times greater than the control group

As more tailored mobile messaging campaigns are implemented throughout different industry sectors and target populations in the future, it is fair to assume the results will only be more powerful, especially in the pursuit of Triple Aim.

Increasingly, healthcare leaders are realizing that text messages are a cost-effective means for engaging consumers while lowering costs and achieving better outcomes.

November 28, 2016
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