8 Years and Going Strong

Last week we celebrated ReviveHealth’s 8th birthday. We celebrated with a team lunch and some reflections back on eight years of fun, great work, and great times together. We have been incredibly blessed as an agency — we have grown to 71 people with more than $14 million revenue, we opened new offices and relocated our headquarters to Nashville, we acquired Interval to combine Chris Bevolo’s talent and thought leadership with our depth and capabilities, and we sold to Weber Shandwick at the start of 2016 to join one of the world’s largest (and definitely the best) engagement agencies in the world. By any standard, that’s an awesome eight years.

What has ReviveHealth become over the last eight years? We are the only full-service agency focused on healthcare delivery, finance, and innovation for health system and HIT/services clients. We know the business of healthcare inside and out. We anticipate and solve critical business challenges. We recognize patterns ahead of trends. And we help our clients own the moments that matter to drive decision making. Bringing together left- and right-brains, we leverage our expertise in B2B and B2C marketing strategy, creativity, and execution.

In eight years we have been named Best Agency to Work For recognition every year but one, and most recently, named finalist for 2017 Healthcare Agency of the Year (The Holmes Report) and 2016 Small Agency of the Year (PR Week). If awards are merely a third party validation of an internal reality, we’ve been recognized with everything from Fastest Growing Agency in the U.S. to Healthcare Agency of the Year, to multiple awards for Agency of the Year based on our size. Pretty amazing.

Thanks to our team for an terrific eight years, and to the next eight, and the next eight after that. Onward and upward.

September 7, 2017
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