Healthcare News Moves Fast – Here's How to Keep Up

Quick, look at the top of your web browser. How many tabs do you have open?

Maybe it's news you intend to read, social media you want to check, an Amazon shopping cart waiting for you to check out, or emails pouring into one or more inboxes. I've got seven tabs open – and it's a Sunday morning. Find me midweek, and it may be one of those days where I have so many tabs open that all I can see are the tiny website favicons.

We're voracious news readers here at ReviveHealth – it comes with the territory. We share a common desire (a united obsession, one might say) to stay on top of the continually changing state of healthcare. Whether for client projects or keeping our ear to the ground of the industry, ReviveHealth has a culture of devouring news and sharing it within our agency to ensure we're ahead of the game. Across emails and Slack channels, we have tons of fresh finds to sort through across the business of healthcare, health system marketing trends, health innovation breakthroughs, and, from time to time, the random silly Onion article.

Of course, with each new link or notification comes more open tabs across the browser. Starting today, we're going to solve this problem by distilling the best of the best of what we find and sharing it with our online audience.

Following in the tradition of a few media and healthcare editors (Ezra Klein's "Tab Dump" was always an inspiration, and may Rusty Foster's "Today in Tabs" RIP) – we're going to be dropping our "Open Tabs" right into the world for you to stay up to speed. All you have to do is follow us at @ThinkRevive on Twitter and look for #ReviveOpenTabs for the latest and greatest.

As is the nature of Twitter, what we share will always be quick headlines in real-time. So be sure to subscribe to The Weekly Hash – our Sunday newsletter chocked full of not only top news, but insightful analysis from our impressive suite of healthcare and marketing experts.

Now, it's time to get rid of some tabs!

January 17, 2020
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