How Providers Can Leverage Open Enrollment

We here at ReviveHealth have been closely following the financial pressures of COVID-19 on health systems and provider groups, with a keen eye on payor behaviors and the pandemic's implications on payor-provider relations and contract negotiations.

Our recent report, Payor Negotiations in the Time of COVID-19, identified six key insights shared across the current healthcare provider landscape, confirming our instincts — that unprecedented times call for intense focus and proactive planning. The financial devastation brought on by COVID-19 is undoubtedly impacting every hospital and health system in the country, yet proactive payor planning must go on despite the crisis.

A post-COVID-19 payor landscape undoubtedly holds many unknowns for providers, but one thing remains true — in order to secure the best possible negotiating position, you must consider timing.

The upcoming enrollment periods hold the potential to create significant disruption for payors, which often results in the best possible contract for the provider. But the time to act is now.

As with most things, with great reward comes hard work, and executing a successful open enrollment campaign is no different. To achieve maximum leverage, an open enrollment campaign must be strategically developed to help influence the employer and consumer selection to more favorable plans during the open enrollment period.

This means providers must encourage small to midsized employers, individuals on the Health Insurance Marketplace, and Medicare Advantage consumers to choose a health plan that guarantees access to the provider for the upcoming year. The movement of covered lives from one health plan to another instills providers with newfound leverage to use to their advantage during negotiations.

ReviveHealth is here to partner with you to ensure your upcoming contract negotiations are initiated from the best possible position of strength with a unique campaign to meet your goals based on our five-step approach:

  1. Strategy development workshop – We will conduct an in-person or virtual (hi, COVID) strategy session that will serve as the primary step in developing a position and message platform and will be the underpinning of the entire campaign.
  2. Narrative development and message platform – With the knowledge gained from the strategy workshop, we will then develop a message platform, which consists of core messages as well as audience-specific messaging. This will help us frame our narrative and identify important issues going forward.
  3. Creative development – The visual component of the campaign! Creative platform development for a visual, compelling theme is vital to any open enrollment campaign's success.
  4. Campaign plan development – Better known as the heartbeat; this is where the strategy, narrative, and message platform all form into an integrated omnichannel campaign.
  5. Initial materials development – We will equip you with a full set of initial materials to reach all stakeholder audiences identified, including an FAQ document, media holding statement, website copy, and social media strategy.

Most importantly, this type of planning requires time. In order to achieve the best results, a campaign of this magnitude cannot be rushed. ReviveHealth has completed more than 1,000 client engagements for payor contracting and payor/provider relations alone, many of which were successful in large part by the strategic integration of an open enrollment campaign. If we’ve learned anything from these previous engagements, it's the importance of using the time available right now to develop a thorough communication and marketing strategy that complements your negotiation strategy. We know firsthand: the best way to prepare for difficult negotiations is to start the planning process as soon as possible.

As time is the one thing we can’t get back, the opportunity to begin planning a strategic open enrollment campaign is now. Get in touch with ReviveHealth’s Payor/Provider team. Contact Malea Reising at


July 16, 2020
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