How to Turn Employers from Acquaintances to Allies

Over the years, we have seen payors become increasingly aggressive and proactive while leveraging employers as pawns during contract negotiations. From showing their next negotiation move to employers to ensuring preferred providers are included in their networks, payors have worked hard to take advantage of employers in their provider relations. 

Although most payors have a head start on providers, you have a crucial advantage: genuine, existing relationships. The relationship between providers and their patients is not something taken lightly by providers – or their patients, for that matter. But, providers can – and should – take this a step further.

While healthcare costs have been relatively controlled for employers, employers will be actively looking for ways to control healthcare costs in the coming months and years. This is where you, the providers, come in. Now is the time to build on your employer relationships. Partner with employers in helping their employees stay healthy and well in new ways, outside of traditional healthcare. By partnering with local employers on health fairs, wellness events, providing preventative care tips, and more, you can help increase and deepen their loyalty to your organization. 

By the time your next contract negotiation comes around, you will no longer feel like you are asking a stranger to advocate on your behalf. You will be asking your business partner and ally, which goes a long way. 


October 16, 2020
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