OnBrand: Scarcity in the Land of Plenty

I’m excited to start using this forum as a way to share, not just thoughts and observations about the healthcare landscape, but about some generally fun, interesting, and noteworthy things I see in my travels – virtually and in real life.

If you know me (or ReviveHealth) well, you know I have a minor obsession with doughnuts, and every time I travel to a new city I try to find the best doughnut shop to test out the goods.

Right now, I have two favorites vying for top spot. The Doughnut Vault in Chicago is an amazing brand and an even more amazing bakery. Kane’s Donuts in the Boston area has been around since 1955, and you can taste the love in every donut. If you travel for work, or find yourself in either of these cities, don’t miss the opportunity to visit.

Not to skew your opinion, but one note about The Doughnut Vault. There is something about the scarcity created by limited daily quantities and the tiny shop space that creates a sense of frenzy and anxiety that you may get in there to order too late. The ingredients are fresh, the smells are incredible, and the product lives up to the promise. Any of us would be proud to have a brand like that.

August 14, 2014
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