Weekly Comms Report — When Masks Fly Like Confetti

As the public graduates from mask mandates and employers require vaccines, masks are flying like confetti. What does this mean for health systems and their marketing teams? Find out below. 

Survey: Should employers require vaccines? 

We Asked: How much do you agree with the following statement: Employers should require all employees to get a COVID-19 vaccine before returning to work. 

Consumer Answered: The 317 respondents’ feelings about requiring vaccines came in all over the board. 


vaccine mandate sentiments survey results


Our Thoughts: While 25.9% of respondents staunchly oppose employer vaccine mandates, 21.8% are neutral on the matter, presenting an opportunity for employers and health systems to influence vaccine uptake through mandates, incentives, and education. 

Mandates show promise as Houston Methodist reached a 98% employee vaccination rate after imposing a vaccine mandate. Delta Airlines became the first airline to require new employees to receive a vaccine with no significant backlash. The EEOC, while permitting mandates, advises employers to limit vaccine incentives, making education a large piece of the herd immunity puzzle.

Health system marketers should align with community leaders like non-healthcare employers to expand their sphere of influence. 

As vaccine mandates rise, mask mandates fall  

What We Heard: Last week, the CDC caught many Americans off guard with the announcement that fully vaccinated people no longer have to wear masks. This is the clearest sign that the pandemic is loosening its grip – but what does it mean for healthcare marketers? 

Our thoughts: Ditching the mask has been a cause of celebration, but it doesn’t mean we should lay off of COVID-19 communications altogether. We recommend shifting messages to follow what state/local governments are advocating for – whether continued mask-wearing or vaccinations. Given hospitals and clinics are exempt from the rule, ensuring clear communication around appropriate mask-wearing, regardless of vaccination status, will be critical to protecting those who remain vulnerable to the virus.


May 19, 2021
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