What happens when you get 50 of the smartest health system marketers in one room?

To debate the hottest issues in the industry? To compare notes on common challenges and shared opportunities? To look in the crystal ball about what’s coming, and what it means for health system marketing? The best insights and ideas found anywhere in the industry.

That’s the premise behind the Joe Public Retreat from ReviveHealth, a one-of-a-kind experience (based on the popular Joe Public healthcare marketing books) now in its sixth year. Our upcoming event, held in San Diego, CA on February 12-14, features some of the top marketers in the field as panelists — leaders like Paul Matsen from Cleveland Clinic, Suzanne Hendery from Renown Health, and Don Stanziano from Geisinger

Unlike most conferences, don’t expect a slate of Powerpoint presentations and ten-minute Q&As. The Joe Public Retreat is structured like a two-day roundtable discussion, where these and other industry panelists launch a topic followed by discussion among all attendees. Nowhere else do you get to pick the brains of your peers to the extent you can at the Joe Public Retreat. Throw in great food and drink and an amazing setting in San Diego, C.A., and there truly is no other experience like it.

To help ensure the right experience, we cap attendance at 50 registrants — so don’t wait to join us. Learn more and register today.

December 18, 2018
You can register for the Joe Public Retreat now:
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