What’s In Your Wallet?

Pick your metaphor: whether your company is dubbed a cockroach or a unicorn– or some other imaginary or insect species – you’re probably trying to figure out how to appropriately align with your investors’ and executives’ expectations on growth and market visibility.

How heavily should you be marketing, and to whom? Is expanding within your existing market the most important thing, or do you need to be breaking into a new one? How do you prioritize your dollars across sales enablement, website and digital efforts, public relations, and thought leadership? And how do you actually fill your marketing wallet with the budget, and staff, that you need?

The key may be where you are in your funding cycle. Through our work with health IT, digital health, and health services companies at nearly all stages of funding, we’re unveiling the first guide to best practices in healthcare marketing – based on where you are in your venture funding journey.

Download our comprehensive guide for a blueprint for marketing focus and spend at every stage, and view our handy infographic here for a high-level snapshot. 

October 19, 2015
Your funding comes with strings attached — so where do you go from here?
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