Case Study

Caravan Health

Diving into value-based care in earnest

Caravan Health's Plan to Enable Success in Value-Based Care

Caravan Health offers services to design, manage, and improve accountable care organizations (ACOs). Company leadership asked ReviveHealth to help plans to expand into a new market and aggressively increase B2B sales. Despite working with more than 14,000 providers across the U.S., Caravan Health had little name recognition with its target audience: independent clinicians and physician organizations affiliated with mid-size hospitals and health systems.


Proving It: Showcase Success, Substantiate Claims

ReviveHealth designed a multifaceted and multidisciplinary approach. Elements of the program included search and social lead generation, website redesign, messaging simplification, and more. The most substantial tactic was the design and implementation of an intensive media relations program that created third party credibility and fed through all other channels. 

We began by identifying and leveraging one of the client’s subject matter experts as the voice of the company. That expert’s prior experience with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) enabled Caravan Health to gain the interest of outlets most-read by their potential customers — namely trade media reporting on healthcare delivery, finance, and policy — and to insert the organization into value-based care media conversations and announcements.

By aligning everything from monitoring news to recreating Caravan's tagline, we showcased the success of Caravan Health’s clients. This substantiated their claim as a superior ACO and VBC management partner.


265+ million print and digital impressions

200+ new business leads

$400 million in new pipeline revenue


Our initial strategy didn’t include the goal of securing national media coverage for Caravan Health. By elevating awareness for the company in well-read and respected healthcare trade publications, we were able to secure front-page ink with The New York Times and coverage with USA Today, the most read newspapers in the country, as well as placements in U.S. News and World Report and premier trade publications.

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