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Driving leads, traffic, and engagement to maximize post-acute care programs for health plans

Websites of Impressive Healthcare Companies are Often, Well, Less Than Impressive

CareCentrix is a post-acute care company managing care for 26 million members and earning annual revenue exceeding $4.5 billion, delivering on their vision to make the home the center of patient care. However, CareCentrix identified larger challenges impeding further growth – they had trouble articulating a complicated business model to attract the right audience in an already-misunderstood branch of healthcare. It was time for a new approach.

carecentrix website

Getting Started

When CareCentrix enlisted ReviveHealth, we started with some house-cleaning: the website had less-than-desirable engagement metrics including a 60% bounce rate, declining organic search traffic, as well as multiple audiences with unique content needs. CareCentrix's online presence was a missed opportunity to connect the right prospects with the company's robust content. The new website would be a test for what marketing could do for CareCentrix's core business.

CareCentrix wanted a full website redesign including CMS migration, and they wanted to move fast. ReviveHealth analyzed the traffic and user behavior to demystify what drove visitors to the website, and what motivated those visitors once they arrived on the site. To work within the compressed timeline, we recommended an iterative approach. This allowed us to successfully launch the site within nine weeks, with three subsequent website updates each focused on optimizing and building upon design, user experience, conversion rate, and SEO.


Within two months of the website’s launch:

500% increase in qualified leads

25% overall traffic increase

20% improved bounce rate

72% improved page load time


Highlights of our SEM program include:

120% increase in overall keyword volume

21% increase in organic traffic


Because of the great partnership established between CareCentrix and ReviveHealth, our work with them now includes creative and content services that go far beyond the website — including tradeshow booths, infographics, interactive demo tools, and ongoing paid search strategy and execution.

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