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Community Health Innovations

Taming the diabetes beast
taming the diabetes beast
taming the diabetes beast

One disease, many consequences

Community Health Innovations (CHI) is a population health organization in Monterey County, CA, focused on keeping community members healthy. ReviveHealth partnered with CHI to develop a campaign to address the above-average rate of residents with prediabetes and diabetes in Monterey Country. This was a difficult challenge due to the stark differences in cultures, language barriers, and socioeconomic disparity across the county.

Monterey County Map

Helping starts with understanding

Taking an audience-first approach, we conducted extensive research to get to know the residents of Monterey County. Through in-market ethnographic research, we spent extended time with families in their homes, learning about their lifestyles and healthy living habits. We combined this with focus groups to help us truly understand how messaging and creative would be received by all communities.


Taking advantage of the data

We applied these interviews to 3rd party data, including social determinants of health, demographic, and attitudinal data, creating look-a-like models to determine impact, scale personas, and identify basic commonalities between the largest groupings of households.

Socioeconomic research outlined risk factors around population centers and community health locations along the west coast. The team mapped the concentration of fast food, grocery store, outdoor parks, and community centers as potential locations for community interaction and outreach. We then aligned these locations with areas of highest propensity and risk of Type 2 diabetes.

the diabetes beast

“Beastly” solutions yield positive outcomes

We learned that misinformation, not awareness, was the problem. To address this, we developed an educational campaign that highlights real causes and consequences of diabetes and prediabetes, which challenges preconceptions and changes conversations. To ensure all cultures could relate, we chose to create animation that showed race-agnostic families and focused on a personified version of type 2 diabetes as a beast.

We applied our research to the media strategy, dispersing media across high-consumption, broad-reaching traditional channels and surgically targeting neighborhoods with second-touch digital media. We identified marketing campaign performance goals and measured across the life of the campaign. 

Produced in both English and Spanish, the full campaign features an animated video with an original song, digital advertising, search, social, and an email campaign. The campaign microsite includes educational content, partner resources, facts, stories to learn more, and a Health Risk Assessment to understand personal risk for type 2 diabetes. 


Results for the first three months of the campaigns significantly exceeded campaign goals.

539 Health Risk Assessments

113 registrants for the Diabetes Prevention Program

2:37 average time on site (mins)

498 email sign ups

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned conversation.
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taming the diabetes beast