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Mary Bird Perkins – Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center

Empowering cancer patients, their caregivers, and the entire community

Bringing Superior Technology to an Entire Community

Mary Bird Perkins – Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center (MBP-OLOLCC), the flagship cancer center of the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System – uses specialized physicians and technologies to bring top quality care to the Gulf South. In 2016, they acquired and prepared to launch Gamma Knife Icon (GKI) — a radiation treatment with the highest accuracy and lowest toxicity of any similar technology to date. ReviveHealth was asked to go beyond “standard” GKI marketing and communicate the GKI’s demonstrable superiority, and to elevate brand perception in a highly competitive landscape.

Conquer Differently Website

Building a Brand to Save Lives

ReviveHealth led an in-depth assessment, including campaign SWOT, patient preference research, stakeholder interviews, and competitive reviews. The truths we uncovered became the strategic foundation of a complete creative campaign with the tagline “Conquer Differently.”

The research revealed that we couldn’t build trust with patients or physicians by touting the GKI’s technical specifications or clinical applications. Instead, we had to embody a powerful stance: the GKI can extend the length and quality of your life by treating you — and your brain — uniquely. This was brought to life by using imagery of patients in colorfully distinct face and body paint to convey the GKI’s ability to “paint a tumor away with the thinnest, finest paintbrush.” This bold visual expression extended to patient testimonial videos, a campaign microsite, online banner ads, a social media plan, and physician collateral.

conquer differently billboard mockup
“ReviveHealth has been an invaluable strategic marketing partner to our hospital and health system leadership for more than a decade. We count on them to help us navigate the turbulent healthcare environment and build our brand and market share. Revive knows healthcare – its complexities as well as its humanity.”
Catherine Harrell, VP of Marketing & Communications — Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center


The first six weeks:

30% of their annual physician referral goal was met

The first year:

78,000 visits to the digital engagement platform

370% of procedure volume goal met


Beyond just launching a product or supporting a single service line, “Conquer Differently” encapsulated the mission and worldview of the Mary Bird Perkins brand as a whole. As a result, the campaign concept is being applied as the organization’s overarching brand platform.

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