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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Creating a movement for nurses by nurses


The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), the nation’s largest foundation devoted to health and healthcare, sees the potential of the everyday nurse in confronting some of healthcare’s greatest challenges. RWJF needed a way to capture — and maintain — the attention of this essential community.

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Connecting with a critical audience: everyday nurses

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) believes that everyday nurses must play a larger role, today and in the future, in population health management, health equity, and other fundamental issues in our health system.

The initial plan was to rely on RWJF’s connections to nursing leaders to cascade messages down to the everyday nurse. However, research produced an important insight: there is a divide between everyday nurses and nursing leaders. And while RWJF had some influence with nurse leaders, they had no way of reaching the everyday nurse.

They needed a creative and credible way to get the attention of nurses on the frontlines of care.

talk with us, cry with us, get courageous with us, SHIFT Talk

Creating a platform for honest conversation

Research showed that reaching nurses through traditional channels such as management or thought leaders would not be effective. Our messages would be cast aside; more work and unrealistic expectations. Nor was trying to force nurses to care about our challenges when they had so many of their own that took precedence.

We concluded that to reach nurses and to help them see themselves as healthcare leaders, we had to first address their unmet needs and the issues that matter most to them. To do this, we needed to create channels for nurses to connect and talk about the issues that are important to them in the way that they wanted to — with passion and humor.

ReviveHealth’s program centered on connecting nurses to each other. This allowed us to credibly reach our audience and focus on their needs while also encouraging them to learn more about topics important to RWJF such as health equity and the social determinants of health.

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Audience-first solutions

ReviveHealth created SHIFT, a brand-new community for nurses led by nurses. SHIFT is a truly audience-first and audience-centric program, and because of that, it gained instant traction. SHIFT is anchored by a storytelling podcast featuring real nurses and real conversation about the challenges nurses face, both on and off the clock. Leading with authenticity, we made it all about nurses from the very beginning and made their voices the centerpiece of this unique community.

Original art is a powerful element of the SHIFT brand. Custom illustrations were created to capture the nurses’ unique stories and stand out from the sea of stock photography that bombards every channel. The visuals are striking, edgy, and vibrant, helping to quickly grab the listener’s attention when scrolling through podcast hosting platforms or our custom website. The imagery is emotional, sensitive, relatable, and authentic to the diversity of the nursing population and the unique challenges they experience daily. The art style is carried throughout all social media platforms building a unifying aesthetic that is instantly recognizable.

“Lots of times things created by large foundations or institutions are out of touch with what nurses on the ground are going through. This is the exact opposite. Real nurses, real talk. Realistic and also funny, please release many more quickly for my commute.”
— Apple Podcasts 5-star review


The podcast launched in September 2020, and in a matter of just a few weeks, we were able to gain traction. Initial results include:

34,500+ podcast episode downloads

22,000+ pageviews

18,000+ social media engagements

42,000+ video views

Within just two months, survey results indicated that the brand received 3% awareness amongst our target audience, with RWJF and the podcast receiving positive feedback from the nursing community.



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