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While healthcare communicators and marketers have their hands full in this season, our mission at ReviveHealth is to bring you the most useful information and resources without flooding you. But the crazy thing is, this novel coronavirus is causing seismic industry changes daily, and things might get lost in the inbox – so we’ve created this page to be the hub of all of our resources. Below you will find our Daily Briefing Live recordings, COVID-19 Special Reports, consumer survey results, and more.

Today we're joined by Jenne Webster, Associate Creative Director at ReviveHealth. Jenne helps us understand what visuals are appropriate, relevant, and compelling in all of our current marketing efforts during the COVID-19 crisis.

Today we discuss the current and potential financial impact on hospitals from the COVID-19 crisis and how Marcom leaders should prepare or respond to these issues. 

To mitigate concern among key stakeholders and media, health systems should communicate empathetically, with specifics about the expected duration of compensation changes or flex practices. 

Our special guest today is Kristen Hollis, Digital Engagement Manager at ReviveHealth who will be sharing her insights on how Google has adapted to COVID-19, what the implications are for strategies like SEM and SEO, and how health systems should react to it.

If your system is only reacting to what’s happening now, you will always be behind in this COVID-19 pandemic. Figure out what your plan is, your messaging, and establish a trusted cadence of communication that is very specific to clinicians and physicians, as well as other staff and community members.

Alan Shoebridge from Salinas Valley Medical Center was our guest podcaster today and we're able to catch up on how health system marketers and communicators are managing the COVID-19 crisis.

On March 18th, we ran the first statistically significant national survey focused exclusively on understanding what consumers expect from their hospitals right now. It’s our gift to the industry. 

ReviveHealth fielded a survey on March 18, 2020, which gives a national snapshot of what consumers expect from health systems right now, and where they’re looking for information to inform high-stakes decisions that affect their own health, the health of their families, and their financial stability.