Episode 18 // Oct 22, 2020

Podcast — The Importance of Consumer Insights During COVID-19

With Victor Reiss — VP, Consumerism and Insights at UNC Health

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Key Takeaways

How UNC Health is Using Consumer Insights

  • UNC Health leverages consumer insights by transforming consumer data into meaningful and actionable insights that empower business decisions. 
  • The goal is to predict consumers' behaviors, attitudes, and motivations. 
  • Thus, they have new capabilities to know consumers well and build an emotional blueprint to understand consumers' emotions that connect their values and desires to UNC Health.
  • Listening is the glue of consumer insights.
  • We cannot forget to leverage this type of insight and data with our employees, as they are brand ambassadors and consumers of care.

How to Leverage Consumer Insights During COVID-19 

  • It is critical right now to during COVID-19, to understand how your local consumer feels. 
  • Recently, there has been consumer COVID-19 fatigue, and we continuously have to adapt our messaging to ensure it still sends an urgent message in keeping people safe. 
  • One adjustment UNC Health has made is through their content marketing efforts in that they are talking with a patient or consumer, versus just talking at them.

How Healthcare Has Left Behind Underserved Communities 

  • There is a lot of work to do with all the underserved populations, and COVID-19 has put a massive spotlight on this long-term issue. 
  • With underserved communities having a more negative outlook on healthcare and the systems that provide this care, hospitals need to find ways to build trust and proactively serve these communities. 
  • UNC Health has created a mobile testing unit that deploys to these targeted areas to ensure everyone has access to testing. 

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