Episode 20 // Nov 05, 2020

Deep Dive into Our COVID-19 Vaccine Consumer Report

With Ryan Colaianni – SVP, leading ReviveHealth’s issues and crisis department.

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Key Takeaways

Findings from a COVID-19 Vaccine Survey

  • When it comes to determining if the COVID-19 vaccine is safe or not, consumers trust their doctors, health systems, and federal health officials more than anyone else. 
  • Hospitals will need to figure out if they require staff to get the vaccine before returning to work? 
  • Physicians must be involved in the system's external response to the COVID-19 vaccine and also their internal communications to increase adoption and credibility.
  • Physicians and nurses agree that front-line healthcare workers should be the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available. Still, most people said (68%) that they'd rather not be in the first wave.
  • Doctors and nurses are just as hesitant – and for the same reasons as consumers. 
  • Consumers worry that the first approved vaccine won't be safe, that it won't be useful, and that politics have compromised the process. Health systems must find a way to cut through the noise and provide specific reasons for why it's safe to receive the vaccination.

Groups to Prepare Specific Messaging for

  • Three specific groups were shown in the survey that you need to prepare specific messaging for when it comes to increasing the vaccines adoption:
    • Adopters (yes, I will take the vaccine right away)
    • Skeptics (no, I will wait)
    • Rebels (no, I don't plan to get the vaccine ever)
  • From an external standpoint, prioritize the skeptic's group, but from an internal perspective (like physicians), focus on the rebel group.
  • There needs to be a specific communication plan for each group, especially within the health systems. 
  • Telling everyone to get a vaccine is not that simple – it's deeper than that; it is phycological. To evoke change, we need to understand what moves people and incorporate that into our messaging. 

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