Episode 17 // Oct 15, 2020

Podcast — Leveraging Price & Clinical Transparency as a Brand Differentiator

With Matt Pinzur — Chief Marketing Officer, Jackson Health Sytem

Key Resources

Key Takeaways

Jackson Health's Transparency Philosophy

  • When there is clarity about what public institutions are doing, it allows them to create buy-in and build alliances within the organization.
  • With Jackson Health System being a public hospital, they've embraced the idea of transparency and have made it a part of their DNA as an organization.

How to Address Transparency

  • Rather than relying on other sources or reviews, Jackson Health has leveraged public data and display it for all to see on their Quality Data Program site. 
  • Being a transparent organization means that you share your health systems' performance, even in areas you are not performing as high as competitors or the national average.
  • This public data is being leveraged to motivate internal teams to improve on the quality of care where needed. 
  • Pricing transparency with health systems can be complicated. Still, Jackson Health has created a way to offer free quotes for upcoming surgeries based on your specific insurance coverage to give you an out-the-door price for your procedure.
  • It's been a very successful program and is a great lead source for the organization. 

COVID-19's Impact on Transparency

  • Given that COVID-19 has forced hospitals to move incredibly quickly, in some organizations, it has created situations where hospitals and payors find themselves disconnected, especially on the payment and coverage side for COVID-19.  

The Future of Transparency

  • We will not be going back to where we were nine months ago, especially as it pertains to virtual care.
  • Even as payors are pulling back reimbursement for virtual visits, consumers have tasted the convenience, and some are keen on never going back to what it was. 


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