COVID-19 Updates

Podcast — Daily Briefing Live - May 19, 2020

Resources Mentioned in Today's Episode

  • Axios Article: Spine and joint procedures have taken a dive during the pandemic 

Key Takeaways

The Providence St. Joseph Covid-19 Approach 

  • Responding to the media and internal audiences was incredibly important because the news was swinging between two extremes. 
  • Providence was able to get their unbiased perspective out into the communities that they serve, which allowed their consumers to have the best information from those battling the crisis.  
  • Providence had 1400+ COVID-19 patients in the last two months and have had to delay 110,000 surgeries due to the shutdown. 
  • They created an internal dashboard that lets their providers and healthcare workers know where they stand with PPE and testing to provide transparency. They are in the green in almost all metrics, but want workers to know the policies they have in place if they ever go in the yellow or red. 
  • It was vital for Providence to launch the 100 million mask campaign so that they had enough PPE for their front-line workers.  
    • It took on a life of its own in when Mukilteo (a Washington furniture factory), Nordstrom, Alaska Airlines, and others stepped in to make sure their hospitals had enough PPE.  
    • Eventually, AHA adopted the campaign and allowed it to go nationally to ensure hospitals across the country had enough PPE.