COVID-19 Updates

Podcast — Daily Briefing Live - May 21, 2020


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Key Takeaways

A Macro Perspective 

  • Fear of infection is gradually declining, though two-thirds of Americans are still concerned about becoming ill or fear someone in their family will become infected. 
  • 83 percent of people believe that social distancing is effective in saving lives. 
  • Although unemployment numbers are high, there's still more optimism about the job market than the financial crisis of 2008. 
  • In Jarrett's findings, there are three types of public opinions: 
    • Those who are ready to reopen. 
    • Those who do not want to be the first to step back out but are ready to reopen. 
    • Those who will not return to normal life until there is a vaccine. 

Consuming Information

  • In the first part of March, Republicans were apprehensive about precautions; by the middle of March and into April, the parties were mostly on the same page about precautionary measures. Now, we're seeing a sizable partisan gap again. 
  • People are choosing their own news, and it's impacting how they're processing the pandemic. There are significant differences between partisan parties about PPE, reopening, and the death count. 
  • Health systems have patients of every party and should consider understanding the psychology of what drives people. 
  • Healthcare providers are still considered the most trusted news source, but there is a disconnect between providers and communities.