COVID-19 Updates

Podcast — Daily Briefing Live - May 22, 2020


Resources Mentioned in Today's Episode


Key Takeaways

Reflections from a CMO

  • As marketers, we've aligned to take on the task at hand.
  • We've assessed the best way to use our resources in a responsible way to make an impact. 
  • Providing clarity to our team has been crucial to our well-being during this crisis.  
  • In past crises (Hurricane Katrina, for instance), we were able to pull help from other markets. Unfortunately, with COVID-19, we're all in the same place — unable to use our networks for resources as we have in the past.
  • The ability to be proactive in our earned media has earned the confidence of our leadership and executives.
  • We come at each challenge with a sense of responsibility. 

The biggest takeaway from this time 

  • The ability to be clear in answering: 
    • What is the task?  
    • What is the strategy?
    • Who are we trying to serve? 
  • Understanding that people don't have extra bandwidth at this time and providing them with grace and clarity.  

The biggest challenges in moving forward 

  • Eventually, we will return to what is familiar. As we get further away from this period, it's crucial to keep disciplined and to continue the impact we've created during this time. 
  • We will focus on these things: 
    • Recognizing good work. 
    • Talking about results. 
    • Finding the "why" behind the strategy. 
    • Creating the ability to move quickly.