Episode 100 // Apr 15, 2021

Podcast — Episode 100: Ask Us Anything

With ReviveHealth's CEO Brandon Edwards and EVP Chris Bevolo. 

Think of your favorite book. Is it your favorite because the synopsis on the back cover was really good, or is it your favorite because of the storyline and the interplay of characters? We'll admit — we kind of set you up for that one, but hear us out: sometimes (not all the time) to get the full value of content, you just have to experience the entire thing. This is one of those times. 

But, of course, we're not going to leave you hanging if you're not convinced. Here are a few of the questions posed by our audience and answers they received from ReviveHealth's CEO, Brandon Edwards, and EVP, Chris Bevolo.  

Audience Questions 

When are ReviveHealth’s clients planning to get back to their jobs as marketers and communicators to support the organization’s business priorities?

  • Unpopular opinion: While the dust may be settling, we are undoubtedly still in the No Normal and will be for a long time. For example, new variants in Michigan have caused hospitals to delay surgeries again to deal with an influx of hospitalizations.
  • Even as businesses start to reopen, we have to remember that the world has been changed for good.
  • We must accept these changes and re-establish our identity in this changed world. Who are you? How is your health system different? Who are you competing with?”

What would you have *hoped* hospitals would have done in the COVID era to progress, but maybe they missed the opportunity on?  

  • It would be remiss to ignore the limitations and significant lack of funding health systems faced during the pandemic. 
  • If adequate resources had been available, we would have hoped health systems would have dispersed care sooner rather than requiring patients to navigate complex medical campuses. 

Our organization believes that physician acquisition and partnerships is the key to financial growth. Our ad budget has been slashed in half this year ... how can we show our value with our hands tied by a limited budget?

  • Many health systems spend their growth budget on acquisitions rather than looking internally to their marketing teams.  Communicating the value of your team may be challenging, but it is possible. 

  • Marketing and advertising are often (and mistakenly) used interchangeably. As marketers, we know that "marketing" is much more than that. Communicate that marketing means setting price strategies, developing messaging for target markets, filling your funnel, and keeping it full. 

As for the rest, you'll just have to listen to the episode for that. (:

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