Episode 97 // Mar 18, 2021

Podcast — Gearing up for Rapid Renewal

With Shannon Hooper — Chief Growth Officer, ReviveHealth

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Key Takeaways

Introducing Rapid Renewal

  • Rapid Renewal is a phase of the No Normal representing healthcare's recommitment to long-term transformation. 

  • COVID-19 accelerated transformation in healthcare with much of the groundwork done by competitors vying for top-of-funnel services and insurers with eyes on health systems' margins.

  • Catering to emerging trends such as dispersion, mistrust of experts, and worship of crowds in marketing plans will give hospitals systems a competitive edge.

Dispersion – it's time to focus on "how" instead of "where"

  • Dispersion is the re-distribution of efforts and resources to remove unnecessary friction and costs. Applied to healthcare, this means creating a fluid customer experience – independent of location.

  • Shifts away from traditional care delivery models such as Amazon Care and DispatchHealth tighten the race for top-of-funnel-services by increasing care convenience.

  • To counter these forces, health systems must renew the way patients interact with their brand to offer a better care experience.

In vogue: mistrust of experts

  • Between COVID-19 and socio-political unrest, 2020 saw a deep erosion of trust in government health institutions like the CDC or even CMS. 

  • Health systems and hospitals now have an opportunity to own the role of "trusted health expert" but should tread cautiously to maintain this newfound trust. 

Goodbye, top-down marketing

  • The public's trust no longer belongs to experts but instead to the crowds. To account for this change, healthcare marketers must start talking to people, not at people.

  • To garner top-of-funnel engagement, healthcare marketers should look away from top-down marketing and transition to influencer, word-of-mouth, and peer-to-peer referral marketing. 

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