COVID-19 Updates

Podcast — How COVID-19 is Impacting the Marketing Function Moving Forward

Key Takeaways

Brand Management at Procter & Gamble

  • One of the core truths at Procter and Gamble (P&G) is that the consumer is boss.
  • The brand manager’s responsibility is to fully understand the consumer’s needs and how they make decisions.
  • With this knowledge and role, they were the leaders within the organization.

Winning the Moments of Truth

  • Zero Moment of Truth: refers to the moment when a consumer is in the discovery and awareness stage and is looking to learn more about a product or service (Ex: In healthcare, this could be a consumer looking up online reviews for doctors or hospital).
  • First Moment of Truth: when a consumer is first confronted with the product or service (Ex: Someone visiting a specialist for the first time).
  • Second Moment of Truth: refers to when the consumer experiences a product or service they’ve purchased. (Ex: What was the experience like after their doctor’s visit or surgical procedure and did they want to spread the word to their friends). 

Brand Management in Healthcare

  • The role of the brand manager is important, but as many know, this role in hospitals is not seen in the same light as companies like P&G.
  • The place marketers can bring extreme value to the health system is their understanding and knowledge of the consumer to ensure the systems wins the zero moment of truth. 

The Future of Marketing Structure

  • The most significant opportunity for marketers is to start shifting their structure to be about programs rather than function – this allows for a much more collaborative approach to tackling problems than our current siloed efforts.