Episode 19 // Oct 29, 2020

Improving the Financial Experience of Your Health System

With Kendra Calhoun – SVP of Strategic Marketing, Communications, and PR at Avera Health.

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Key Takeaways

How to Improve The Financial Experience for the Patient 

  • Avera Health is are creating a contemporary "shopping" experience for consumers that involves creating tools on their website, which will display pricing for its patients. 
  • They're developing a pricing strategy that optimizes competitor price points and creates a more agile pricing system. 
  • Which involves surveying the market to give you a better idea of where to be pricing wise. 
  • Pricing and experience are the most important things when it comes to brand reputation. 

How to Build Consistency into Your Patient Experience

  • It sounds simple and should be a given, but being thoughtful is step one. 
  • Pricing has to be consistent; you can't be "off" if you want your consumers to understand how pricing works within your hospital. 
  • Consumers ultimately make the decision, and that is now beginning to start before they even walk into the door or meet with a specialist. 


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