COVID-19 Updates

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Resurgence In California

  • California is experiencing a new resurgence of COVID-19 in their hospitals.
    • More people are on ventilators and in the ICU than ever before.
    • A main contributor to this resurgence is that not enough people are sticking to the mask and social distance guidelines. 
  • Another obstacle for California is the number of counties within the state.
    • Counties started to open up on a regional basis.
    • So, you can be in one county and go to the gym and restaurants, but in the next county over, it is completely closed down.
  • Lastly, people are starting to experience cabin fever and are beginning to travel freely and frequently to open counties.

The Latest on COVID-19 Testing

  • Stanford has created a centralized testing system that allows their operations to run smoothly.
    • They also opened a new hospital to combat COVID-19, and turned their ED into a testing site as well.
  • Stanford is now able to test over 20,000 people per day and get results back between two hours and two days – which is significantly faster than the national average. 
  • Though Stanford has international patients, they have focused a lot of their marketing communications efforts on local and regional markets.
    • Stanford has focused on being a credible source for their local are.
    • Their goal is that the community can come to them for information that they know they can trust. 
  • Another standard that Stanford keeps is constantly testing employees as a part of taking all the necessary precautions to keep both patients and employees safe.
    • That has been one of the most important measures taken in the pandemic.