Episode 98 // Mar 25, 2021

Podcast — Maintaining momentum: 4 trends healthcare marketers must continue

With Bjorn Gunnerud, Senior Vice President of Strategy, ReviveHealth

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We've changed ... now what?

  • COVID-19 spurred new trends in how health systems deliver care, including the pace of play, focus on alignment, consumer attunement, and inclusive branding.  

  • Healthcare marketers should continue these trends into the future to maintain footing within our increasingly competitive industry. 

4 trends here for the long haul 

  • Pace of play:  

    • Healthcare marketing teams are now working at a new rate of speed, agility, and decision-making. We should continue to seek opportunities to improve agility. 

  • Focus on alignment:

    • Health systems have been focused on alignment between people, processes, and delivery, which has opened a “seat at the table” for marketers.

    • In order to keep this seat, marketers must challenge themselves to do fewer things better whenever possible.

  • Consumer attunement:

    • Consumers are first – a truth that’s never been clearer to our industry and the leaders within healthcare organizations.

    • Use this time of enlightenment to reintroduce conversations about modernizing the patient experience and connected digital infrastructure to drive personalized marketing.

  • Inclusive Branding:

    • Many organizations treat DEI like a mission trip – help a little and then return home. This behavior makes it hard for communities to trust that health systems have their well-being in mind.

    • We must acknowledge that we can’t market ourselves to trust but must make a long-term commitment. 

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