Episode 99 // Apr 01, 2021

Podcast — Modern Brands are Human Brands

With Paul Hackett, Executive Creative Director at ReviveHealth



Why brands are like people 

  • Brands are kind of like people – some you want to be around, some you don’t. Modern brands build positive connections with their audiences through thoughtful interactions.  

  • Healthcare is inherently “human,” which gives healthcare brands an opportunity to build lasting connections with their communities. 

Lead with authenticity 

  • Above all else, modern brands must be authentic. Align with your purpose and values and stick with those values in every action. 

  • If there’s an opportunity to prove your authenticity, take it. Actions speak louder than words, and today’s distrustful consumer requires consistency of action to build trust. 

  • Authenticity requires brands to communicate transparently, and it doesn’t have to be at the cost of creativity. You can have creative and honest conversations with your audience.  

Listening could be your competitive edge 

  • You can't have an in-person conversation with everyone, but you can use technology to understand your audience and personalize their experience of your brand. 

  • Listening to your audience opens the way for a two-way conversation, building brand relationships more effectively. 

Surprising consumers in creative ways 

  • People are familiar with advertising, so we have to meet them in unexpected ways in unexpected places to capture their attention. Powerful creative can significantly impact a brand’s ability to engage its audiences. 

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