COVID-19 Updates

Podcast — The No Normal Show, Episode 5


Issue 1: Test Results

  • Hospitals are once again dealing with testing problems, and some consumers have to wait between 10-14 days for results.

Issue 2: Masks

  • Masks are essential to lowering the threat of this virus.
  • Right now, the dynamic around wearing a mask is polarizing.
    • If you wear one, you are labeled a sheep, and if you don’t, you are a heartless monster.
    • Unfortunately, we are seeing these two sides separate even further due to ongoing contradictions in reports about the safety of masks.
    • The good news is that more and more people are coming around, and hopefully, soon, the general public would be willing to wear a mask.

Issue 3: A Second Shutdown

  • Even if you are not experiencing problems currently, you need to start planning for it now.
    • There should be an agreed-upon plan before we find ourselves in this situation. 
    • If you stay open, you must ask:
      • What are the necessary steps we need to take to keep it safe?
      • How do we ensure the public it’s safe to receive care within our hospitals?
    • Always keep the public informed.
      • If you need to shut down, you need to be forthcoming about it.
    • It’s important to clearly communicate the why behind hospitals shutting down elective procedures again.