Episode 91 // Feb 04, 2021

Podcast — Speaking to Today's Healthcare Consumer

With Ryan Donohue, Corporate Director of Program Development, NRC Health

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Delivering the care patients expect

  • “Through the Patient’s Eyes,”  set the stage for a new, patient-centric paradigm in healthcare in 1993, and now “Patient No Longer” takes it a step further, challenging the healthcare world to look at patients as consumers.

  • COVID-19 accelerated digital adoption and virtual care, expediting the consumerization of healthcare. 

  • The following language shifts can influence how we perceive and deliver patient care.  They encourage us to increase outreach before, during, and after care.

    • Positioning → Brand

    • Patient Experience → Consumer Experience

Where digital efforts should fit in

  • Leaning into increased demand for virtual care allows health systems to create a positive first impression and creating more business down the line if more acute conditions arise. 

  • Health systems should weave digital efforts into the whole care experience rather than specific isolated moments. 

A different perspective on vaccine sentiments 

  • Many surveys report a high percentage of respondents who oppose COVID-19 vaccination. NRC Health found in their recent study more optimistic findings — only 14% of respondents saying they will not get the vaccine. 

  • Why the results are different: NRC Health offered a middle ground, “I’m going to wait and see,” which captured 25% of respondents. 

  • It's important to design survey questions for neutrality and factor in the way people think, act, and feel. 


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