Episode 90 // Jan 28, 2021

Podcast — The Speed of Marketing is Changing

With David Perry, Senior Advisor at Stanford Medicine

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Need for speed

  • COVID-19 has accelerated change, requiring health systems and their marketers to find new ways to move faster. Safety protocols and legacy processes can make it challenging to adapt to change.  

  • Health systems can apply some agile marketing principles such as prioritization and iteration to serve COVID-19 demands but should be calculated in each iteration. 

  • Because the stakes are so high for healthcare communications, each iteration must carefully balance accuracy and speed, as each iteration could potentially reverse public trust.

Setting expectations for responsive branding

  • Faster change means our brands need to evolve faster to remain relevant and avoid sounding out of touch. Continually test messaging to see what’s working and what’s not.  

  • Health systems should consider diversity equity and inclusion as a central pillar of every branding and marketing conversation. Incident-based branding efforts can translate as insensitive and self-serving.  

On the horizon for healthcare marketers 

  • COVID-19 has increased public demand for quality communications, and consumers will likely maintain these expectations in a post-COVID-19 world.  

  • Informative, relevant, actionable content marketing will be an essential function for health system marketing and communications, and consumer expectations for quality content will continue to rise.  

  • Marketers have the ability to play a more strategic role in health systems because of familiarity with new technology and the capability to bring data to the table.  

  • We will have to continue to act as technology educators to the general public as virtual care becomes more embedded in today’s healthcare system. 


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