Episode 24 // Dec 17, 2020

Podcast — What Health Systems Will Look Like in 2030 by Mayo Clinic

With Adam Brase – Division Chair for Strategic Intelligence, Mayo Clinic

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Key Takeaways

Do We All Have an Equal Chance for Health? 

  • How to Forecast the Future
  • On an annual basis, Mayo Clinic looks for a collection of trends.
  • Some trends are healthcare-related, and some are macro-related and are affecting every industry. 
  • They take the trends and predictions and determine how these impact their organization. 

Five Forecasts for the Future

  1. Accurate diagnosis, anytime, anywhere.
  2. The patient will see you now – this means that we believe there will be a day when consumers will be much more in control of their health care, and providers will need to adapt to that. 
  3. Virtual visits will outpace physical interactions. Within two months of the pandemic, there were 2 billion virtual visits.
  4. Today's reimbursement model becomes old school – Healthcare is one of the last industries to go through consumer transformation. 
  5. Research and education are game-changers.

Predictions from October 2019 into what 2030 Will Look Like 

  • A massive increase in AI innovation. 
  • Cybersecurity from the standpoint of moving from attacks on individuals to attacks on hospitals and government entities.
  • Big tech would not stay just in the realm of technology but will disrupt multiple different industries. 
  • Rise of consumerism – almost all consumers will feel a need to take control of their information. 
  • We're due for an economic downturn, and there will probably be two economic downturns over the next ten years.
  • There will be job losses due to automation and technology implementations. 
  • Unaffordability is a big concern in healthcare.
  • As they look at 2030, there will be a more significant increase in social division. 

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