Episode 95 // Mar 04, 2021

Podcast — What Healthcare Can Learn from Disney

Kevan Mabbutt, Chief Consumer Officer, Intermountain Healthcare

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Definitions shape how we see consumerism 

  • The way we understand “consumerism” has changed to focus on the transaction rather than choice. 

  • Language shapes our relationships with the world, and healthcare often looks at consumers too narrowly. For instance, “patient” may not be the most personalized way to describe a relationship to a hospital.  

  • We should look at consumerism more holistically – in a way that accounts for needs beyond just the rational. 

The power of digital experiences in shaping your brand 

  • Technology adds to the consumer experience, but it is not the experience. Digital exists within the end-to-end journey, fitting seamlessly with non-digital experiences.  

  • Transitions between digital and in-person encounters must be seamless, or else new pain points will arise. 

How Intermountain caters to the consumer experience 

  • Intermountain implemented My Health + to allow consumers to check symptoms conveniently, effectively, and affordably. This experience is tied intimately with follow-ups, labs, etc.  

  • Intermountain improved the patient-nurse relationship by making feedback loops more human-oriented and less task-oriented. Healthcare seems incredibly different from Disney, but the same human factors come into play. For instance, safety is a top priority not just for health systems but also for airlines, Disney, and beyond.  

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