Episode 93 // Feb 18, 2021

Podcast — What's next for healthcare? Ask Marketing.

With Amy Comeau, Vice President of Marketing, Emory Healthcare



Defining your COVID-19 CRM strategy

  • Emory Healthcare implemented a CRM strategy in 2019 but had no real intention of mass communication with patients until COVID-19 hit. 

  • With more resources pointed toward crisis communications, Emory Healthcare now utilizes their CRM for monthly communications with patients from their CEO to over 600,000 patients. 

  •  Amy Comeau predicts this increased emphasis on CRM communications will continue long-term as the COVID-19 landscape evolves. 

Why re-evaluating community partnerships is a good idea 

  • Relationships with community and senior centers offer health systems the opportunity to reach patients beyond their EHR or CRM. 

  • Since COVID-19, Emory Healthcare hosts virtual sessions with community centers that have resulted in a significant increase in engagement when compared to typical benchmarks set by their in-person information sessions.

Forming a 2021 marketing and communications strategy

  • It's hard to imagine a world where healthcare branding moves beyond COVID-19 messaging and isn't incorporated into their creative assets. Healthcare communications should reflect this truth for the foreseeable future.  

  • Healthcare marketers can prepare messaging strategies by defining responses based on pandemic severity. For instance, if variant infections accelerate, your team should plan for communications encouraging the public to wash their hands, wear a mask, and watch their distance. 

  • Health systems are learning how to balance crisis response needs with existing business objectives. With this knowledge, marketers are now leaning back into high-margin revenue streams.

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