COVID-19 Updates

Survey Findings — COVID-19 Consumer Report

Hospitals and health systems are community leaders in the best of times. They provide care, jobs, volunteer opportunities, expertise, inspiration, and a wide range of community services. And their employees — particularly the clinicians — are respected and trusted.

During this unprecedented public health crisis, communities will need their health systems even more. While front line medical workers are facing some of the hardest, most important work of our time, dedicated and talented health system marketing and communication teams have an opportunity to “walk the walk” and show up for patients during this crisis. The need for holistic healthcare and whole-person wellness has never been so obvious. Health systems can own wellness in pandemic times, led by experts providing information, tools, and inspiration to stay connected, stay active, stay informed, and stay well.

ReviveHealth fielded a survey on March 18, 2020, which gives a national snapshot of what consumers expect from health systems right now, and where they’re looking for information to inform high-stakes decisions that affect their own health, the health of their families, and their financial stability.

Check out the full COVID-19 Consumer Survey Findings Report here.