COVID-19 Updates

Survey Findings — Five Core Issues for Providers Post-COVID-19

Is the post-COVID-19 world the new normal? Or will things eventually return to the old normal? Of course, none of us know yet. In fact, our POV right now is “no normal” — recognizing that everything is different all at once, and we aren’t sure what will be permanent and what is merely a product of the moment.

Whatever your view, across the board, providers must consider a post-COVID-19 reset. While there may be late outbreaks or a second wave of COVID-19 in some locations, the imperative for all types of providers is to strategically look beyond the chaos and the heroic measures taken to respond to the pandemic this spring. We suggest here that the healthcare system in the United States, and particularly the provider sector, is likely not going to return to a pre-COVID-19 normal. When we look back five years from now, we will understand that we were rebuilding, not simply recovering. Organizations who correctly judge that reality will fare better than those who act solely in a pure “recovery” mode.

There is much yet to be learned about where we have been and where we are going as a medical delivery system. Yet, the events at the beginning of 2020 reveal some definable core issues that every provider organization should now address. More than anything, there is great urgency given the expected competition for the limited options and resources available.

In this paper, we outline five core issues providers should weigh as the post-COVID-19 direction is set. Download the new report here.

Special thanks to Dan Higgins at Denton's law firm, who was a key collaborator for this content and is also a long time trusted partner of ReviveHealth.