COVID-19 Updates

Survey Findings — Physicians & Nurses on the COVID-19 Vaccine

As the COVID-19 outbreak has dragged on, hospitals and health systems have experienced a much-deserved brand lift. They’ve gone above and beyond for their communities, both treating the virus and affecting behavior, whether through encouraging hygiene, face masks, or social distancing. Consumers have reported growing trust in their hospitals and clinicians above and beyond public health agencies like the FDA and the CDC.

However, with a vaccine approaching and widespread concern that the development may be rushed, we’re speeding toward a crossroads where the FDA is likely to approve one or more vaccine(s) that consumers will meet with skepticism. Yet, consumers have clearly indicated in our research that they will trust the voice of their doctor, first and foremost, when it comes to determining whether the COVID-19 vaccine is safe enough for them.

This is the rub: physicians and nurses have their own concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine development process. In this report, we explore those concerns and what they mean for hospital communicators.

Download our new physician's and nurses' report on the COVID-19 vaccine.