Leading health systems through the No Normal.

With the end of the novel coronavirus nowhere in sight, the pandemic’s impact on our society, and the industry and organizations changing every day, we find ourselves in what we call the era of the No Normal. If you’re looking for help in how to succeed as a health system marketer or communicator in this time of uncertainty, you’ve come to the right place. Since mid-March, when the pandemic first significantly hit the U.S., we have stayed on top of the crisis by conducting consumer surveys, publishing our take on the latest news, providing insights and advice, and connecting you with your peers through podcasts and webinars. If there’s something you’re looking for and can’t find below, let us know.

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March 18, 2021
Rocky. Rudy. Miracle. What do these three movies have in common? Moreover, what do they have to do with healthcare? Adversity followed by an overwhelming comeback. We haven't tamed COVID-19, nor can we ignore its devastating…
March 11, 2021

Targeted marketing requires a personal touch – but how can you add a personal touch with brands spanning 88 hospitals in 29 states? LifePoint Health Vice President, Strategic Marketing, Kathy Winn, has an idea or two.

March 9, 2021
You've been going non-stop supporting the system with life-saving communication, pivoting daily, and keeping everyone informed of the latest information. And just when it felt like there would be some hope with the vaccine…
March 4, 2021

Looking to add a little imagination to the healthcare consumer experience? Former Disney Head of Global Insights and current Intermountain Healthcare Chief Consumer Officer, Kevan Mabbutt, has some advice to set you in the right direction. 

March 3, 2021
Let's face it, unless you're Marie Kondo, "consolidation" is a daunting word. Yet, it's a reality many health systems, hospitals, surgery centers, and physician practices are facing spurred by the COVID-19's financial devastation…
February 25, 2021

With limited vaccine supply and whisperings of retail clinics taking center stage in distribution, health systems must consider their role in healthcare's future state – whatever that may be.