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Health systems have responded heroically to the COVID-19 pandemic. Amid a complete upending of their operations and revenue models, they have continued to serve their communities. Yet, in order to save the very institutions that are saving people's lives, health system marketers are now approaching a new challenge: to delicately (but quickly) transition from leading crisis response to driving rapid recovery and, ultimately, growth. With this, we've summarized the health systems' marketing and communication response to COVID-19 into three main phases: Crisis Response, Rapid Recovery, and Return to Growth. You can filter content below by phase. 

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Updates for Rapid Recovery

May 27, 2020

ReviveHealth's CEO, Brandon Edwards joins us today for a special episode of Daily Briefing Live to discuss the longer-term effects of COVID-19 for health systems and the things health system marketers should have in mind today around low-acuity early-detection services that could ultimately determine surgery volumes come Q4. 

May 26, 2020

There are some insights you can only get when you have real conversations with consumers. We supplemented our recent survey work with a round of actual one-hour interviews, asking consumers about their readiness to return to a care setting. These consumers, who either had a surgery delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions, or who need surgery now, told us all about their fears, hopes, and expectations.

May 26, 2020

Today Mike Petrone, Account Supervisor of Communications and Matt Gully, Vice President of Issues and Crisis at ReviveHealth join us to discuss the latest news over the holiday weekend, how health systems can prepare for a resurgence of COVID-19 in the fall, the latest in the M&A landscape, as well as impacts and recommendations — specifically in pediatrics — of consumers delaying care. 

May 23, 2020

This Special Report discusses communication recommendations for hospitals and health systems facing opportunities to partner with other health systems in order to alleviate recent consumer hesitations, educating communities about contact tracing, and aid from the White House to prevent any potential supply chain shortages.

May 22, 2020

Catherine Harrell, CMO of Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System, joins us to reflect on the past couple of months — discussing the key learnings from the COVID-19 crisis, and what those learnings might mean for the future of the health system CMO role.

May 21, 2020

Today on Daily Briefing Live, Jarrett Lewis, Partner at Public Opinion Strategies, returns to discuss their national public opinion survey on the healthcare industry as a whole, the economic impact of COVID-19, and what long-term behavioral changes we could see in the coming weeks and months.

Key Resources for Crisis Response

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