Five Long-Term Consumer Behavior Changes Due to COVID-19

How COVID-19 and consumerism could accelerate the rise of new competitors and the decline of traditional providers.

We’re living in an era of No Normal, where it’s hard to know what the future holds given the high level of uncertainty surrounding us today. Yet, we have been studying some significant trends on the impact of COVID-19 on consumerism that we believe could have staying power. If they do, these trends provide ominous warning signs to traditional providers of healthcare, as they play right into the hands of new and alternative entrants into the market, such as Apple, Optum, or Walmart Health. 

This report provides a critical analysis of five such trends and their implications for hospitals and health systems. We’ve also provided recommendations in each case for what traditional providers need to do from a marketing, communications, or consumer experience standpoint to stay on the right side of consumerism.