Joe Public III: The End of Hospital Marketing

Six new imperatives driving the most successful health system marketing today.

For the past 15 years, I’ve been loudly proclaiming the need for deep, meaningful change in the way hospitals and health systems market themselves to their audiences.

In the new book, we combined our understanding of the changing healthcare landscape with the input of 12 of the top health system marketers in the country to identify what we call the “New Imperatives.” If you want to join the top marketers in the industry at the leading edge of effectiveness and innovation, you will want to maximize your efforts in these six areas:

  1. Leading with digital marketing
  2. Leveraging marketing as a true business driver
  3. Owning the consumer experience
  4. Embracing data-driven marketing
  5. Moving to a “health”-oriented brand
  6. Adopting new or contrarian approaches

Implementing these imperatives will help us usher the “end of hospital marketing” as we used to know it.