The Case for Building a Post Health System Brand

Moving beyond a promotional focus to a personality brand.

We’ve heard a million times about the impact of growing consumerism and new competition from players like Apple, Amazon, and CVS. The combination of these two forces shines a harsh light on health system brands. What’s worked in the past for health system branding will likely not be enough moving forward. For example, the point has repeatedly been made that consumers are not just comparing your health system brand to other health systems, they are comparing it to Uber, Amazon, and Starbucks. If that’s true, then why are health systems still the same old health system brands?

One solution is moving to what we call a post health system brand.

For those who are ready, a Post Health System Brand will help you connect with consumers on a deeper level and beat the competition at its own game. There is some urgency to this. As we highlight in this paper, those who move first can own a market, while the rest will be left to follow. Additionally, the challenges are significant, and many systems are not yet ready to make the move. But employed successfully, a Post Health System Brand won’t just help you become the top health system brand in your market. It will help you become a top brand, period.