Understanding the Mind of the Employer

Connecting with the real payor for healthcare services.

From payors to providers, there’s a need to formulate strategies to engage employers, offer the right programs and services, and effectively communicate value in a rapidly changing market. Download our guide to understand the mind of the employer, and speak the language of value, not just quality and access.

In this guide discover the research behind these five powerful insights:

1. The healthcare system is broken, and we can’t fix what we don’t even understand.

2. Networks can be narrow, but not without physicians and the right hospitals.

3. Healthcare costs keep on rising. The government and payors are to blame.

4. Cost doesn’t equal quality. 

5. While “value” in healthcare has many definitions, it’s still the most important factor. 

Since 2009, we have conducted more than 2,500 interviews with employers and health insurance brokers across the nation. Clarity comes from hearing what employers and brokers say about healthcare, how they talk about hospitals, physicians and payors, and what they really want and expect in return for their healthcare dollars.