Operation Recovery Episodes

Operation Recovery: Jeff Gold

Key Takeaways 

  • Recognition that things needed to give, and rules needed to be dropped to combat the virus. Coding regulations were relaxed, license standards were relaxed, federal documentation standards were relaxed, and people from out of state were coming in to help.
  • Overall, three circular letters went out that helped define and negotiate the waving of these rules. The plan worked as followed: what rules needed to be suspended, for how long, and with what impact.
  • The payor relationship with the three pillars, during this process, how was the relationship with health plans, and we think it is going to get harder, not easier. They have a much different interest in the community they serve.
  • People will remember the health plans that acted like health care partners are going to be remembered, and people will also not forget the health plans that only did the bare minimum, and that will be reflected in negotiations.  
  • Lessons learned:
    • Telehealth: This is a high-value service, it is a real visit, somethings render themselves better. Patients are scared to go back to the doctors. Telehealth will be the new normal. There is going to be a lot of different debates and discussions, payments, and details. There will be some disputes with doctors that don’t like telehealth losing patients to doctors who will do telehealth.
  • The hangover is very real, and the losses accumulated are not going to be able to be made back in a fast amount of time. There is also the issue of patients not coming back. Contracting will be different because there must be specificity in what provided services need to be protected.