Operation Recovery Episodes

Operation Recovery: Brandon Edwards and Ryan Colaianni

Key Takeaways: 

6 Areas of focus

  • Governance, control is very important
  • Culture, can be challenging when a larger system acquires a smaller system
  • Brand, a large org can acquire smaller systems because of their recognizable brand.
  • Finances, what are health systems looking for in the covid environment and what is their plan coming out of covid and other issues around that.
  • Operations and clinical, how are we bringing the best parts of the organization into the forefront.
  •  Regulatory environment in relation to legislatures making decisions.
  • Leaders need to be ready to have answers for the questions that their staff and their patients are going to ask. They need to have a solid centered voice to speak for the new partnership as a whole. It is important to make sure the culture and finances align to reflect the feelings of both organizations to ensure that this new partnership is a step in a better direction.