Operation Recovery Episodes

Operation Recovery with Dan Higgins

Key Takeaways: 

The 5 Core Issues are:

  1. Safe Environment- how do providers share their plans to ensure their patients will be safe when they come in for care.
  2. Digital Care Options- what will be the pace of change into digital care options
  3. Working Capital- We need to act early and make sure that providers are able to continue.
  4. Physician hospital integrations- Working together help the efforts to provide the best results.
  5. Scale- for provider groups and smaller health systems, is now the right time to explore partnerships with a bigger health system.
  • To ensure the community that your system is a safe environment you need to invest into communicating with the community. Whether that be physician statements or cleaning videos. The most important part is having the community aligned with the system. For Digital Care hospitals need to be open to learning and work to find ways to provide their patients with the care options they need. Working capital and physicians fall into one because it is important to get both aligned and behind the changes in care, the efforts to support the community, the scale changes with the hospital, and make the hospital safe. Finally, for scale what it comes down to is doing what is best for the community you serve whether that be staying independent or moving into a bigger partnership with more capital. With all if these points it is important to make the right decision based on the system and community needs and communicate those decisions clearly and effectively.