Operation Recovery Episodes

Operation Recovery with Jeff Bross

Key Takeaways

  • Some of the big questions from the landscape of payor relationships and Covid effects on systems:
    • We have to analyze and see how the patients react and see how their behavior changes. Will they want to come into the hospital?
    • There was a big reduction and cancelations with elective surgeries and some treatments due to people not wanting to come into the hospital.
    • We may also see certain services moving outside of the hospital.
    • The most important thing about all of this especially with all these changes is making sure that you are putting money into services that are high level and vital to the hospital.
  • Tips on marketability
    • Some systems are more marketable than others.
    • To develop strategy, you need to determine how marketable the system is and then make plans from there.
    • You want to then press people with that strategy as much as possible without overstepping bounds.
  • Telehealth is on the rise and adapting to service the community with that technology is important.
  • In these times it is important to know your marketability and use that to develop a strategy to stay “in the game.” Another effort to help a system is putting money into solid parts of the hospital.